I don’t normally make these types of personal posts, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed these past few weeks. A good kind of overwhelmed. I have a new job, new (lengthy!) commute, a few new people in my life and a ton of opportunities coming at me, but I feel like I’m failing at times trying to balance everything. Juggling a full-time job, a social life and a blog while having a ~3 hour round-trip commute to work each day hasn’t been the easiest to manage. However, these are a few things I’m starting to learn:

  • Learn how to say “no”: I’m a “yes” girl. This is one of my best and worst qualities. I’m a people pleaser, so often times I will say yes to that blogging event, I will say yes to happy hour, I will drive you to that meeting, and you will rarely hear me decline anything. However, with everything that has been happening these last few weeks, I’m finally starting to learn how to just say no for my sanity. And you know what? I feel so much better. I’m not trying to be anti-social, and I do pick and choose what events I should attend and when I should go out with my friends. However, my needs do come first, and I need to stop doing crazy things like driving 30+ miles for a 2-hour event on a weekday. No thanks. Sleep is better.
  • “Me time” is important: I’ve come to the conclusion that I need at least three nights a week where I do absolutely nothing other than Netflix and lounge in bed. No emails. No social media. Nada. Just relax and focus on myself. Sometimes this happens on a Tuesday and sometimes this happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m young and I’ve gotten a lot of flack for not going out every single weekend, but honestly? I don’t care. I’m an exhausted human being and I like lounging, okay?
  • Always be grateful: As much as I complain about my commute or how tired I am, I try to take a step back and just appreciate all of the awesome opportunities and people I have in my life. I saw a quote on Instagram saying to stop complaining about how “busy” you are. If being busy is the worst thing you have going on in life, then you’re a pretty privileged individual. I wouldn’t trade this hectic life for anything else in the world. 

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  1. I can totally relate to being a “yes” girl. It feels good to be reliable, but then it definitely starts to wear on your sanity, especially if you have an intense job or are super busy. I’ve been working on being a little more selective of how I spend my time and what I commit to. There’s nothing wrong with that, gotta look out for #1! 🙂

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  2. Adjoa wrote:

    If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of others? We only have one body and one life. So take care of your body, mind and spirit!

    Thy Bliss Calls

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  3. thealishanicole wrote:

    As much as I love to help people and take on new projects, learning to say no when I absolutely cant do it has been amazing!! Sometimes you have to for the sake of your sanity! Huge congrats on the new job as well!

    Posted 10.23.14 Reply
  4. 1. Such a cute outfit!

    2. Commuting really sucks the life out of you, and I am sorry yours is three hours! I completely relate to being a “yes” person – it’s so hard to say no! But I think you’re right – you have to prioritize what meetings and people are most important.

    Good luck with everything – I am sure you will get through!

    xo, katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 10.23.14 Reply
  5. Ellen wrote:

    Great advice! I need to learn how to say no too, and I understand how it can be so hard to balance everything. On another note, your yellow purse is adorable! Such a fun color.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Posted 10.23.14 Reply
  6. Shevy wrote:

    Great advice for yourself. Those are typically things some people take much longer to realize! I used to always offer help where I didn’t have the time. I’ve had to learn to stop. Gotta take care of yourself first!

    Posted 10.24.14 Reply
  7. Katie wrote:

    Commuting can be so hard – are you still driving? If so, listen to podcast or ebooks so you feel more productive, perhaps? Your outfit is adorable as always, just be sure to take care of yourself! xo

    Posted 10.26.14 Reply