Au Revoir, Les États-Unis!

If you happen to follow me on twitter or have had a conversation with me in the past few weeks, you’ll know that I was recently accepted to a study abroad program in Paris for the summer! I am beyond excited; this is my first trip ever to Europe and I’m sure the other side of the pond will treat me well.

Immediately when I think of Paris, I think of the incredible style that French women have. One thing that they all have in common is that they manage to look incredibly put together. These women don’t miss a beat in fashion, and it’s time to start prepping my wardrobe for this trip.

1. Jackie Pullover, J.Crew, $65
2. Beverly Necklace, Shopbop, $350
3. Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T, American Apparel, $18
4. The Boyjean, Madewell, $125
5. Ostrich Embossed M.A.C. Bombe, Rebecca Minkoff, $330
6. Mona Suede Pumps, J.Crew, $198

When I think of stereotypical French Fashion, I think of “American in Paris” a la Carrie Bradshaw style. However, when I took the time to flip through French lookbooks, I didn’t see stripes, berets, or neck scarves. Instead, I saw a variety of styles, ranging from the dressed up to the casual. I pulled this look from a Paris Fashion Week S/S 2012 lookbook. It’s casual, yet the use of layering and bold accessories take her look to the next level.

Have any of you ever been to Paris? Please, share any tips or places I should definitely visit!

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  1. Laura wrote:

    Thank you so much for becoming my new friend, I just followed back!:X

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  2. Sophi wrote:

    Love this post. I live in England but I've never actually been to Paris though I REALLY want to go. My friend is going in May. I love Parisian style x

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  3. Luzia M. wrote:

    Love the bag! xx

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  4. I have been there sevaral times! I love that rebecca Minkoff bag!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  5. Rachhh. wrote:

    Wow. Congrats on getting accepted! Paris is beautiful! xo

    Posted 3.30.12 Reply
  6. Jaspe H. wrote:

    oh gosh lucky you !!

    I absolutely LOVE Paris, everythime I'm there it feels like home immediately, you'll love it !!

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  7. Gorgeous outfit! I've been to Paris once and loved Montmartre, it's so beautiful and you can then take a walk down to Moulin Rouge! Also, I had the best sugar and lemon crepe there, yum!

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  8. Great picks! Lovely outfit, gotta love Paris!

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  9. style tab. wrote:

    Thanks for the follow-I'm following back 🙂 Congrats on your acceptance! I studied abroad in Paris two Januarys ago and had the time of my life. If you like vintage things definitely visit the flea markets-they're to die for!


    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  10. love that rebecca minkoff bag. <3 xx

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  11. I have never been to Paris so I am no help there. But congratulations! And I love the outfit you have put together.

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  12. Heaven wrote:

    Great set 🙂

    I invite you to

    Posted 4.1.12 Reply
  13. June wrote:

    Lovely post! I work for a french company! really wanna go to Paris one day 🙂

    Posted 4.2.12 Reply
  14. great picks! love the sweater and bag. xx

    Posted 4.2.12 Reply
  15. Paris is so nice! you'll love it!


    Posted 4.8.12 Reply
  16. kashara♥ wrote:

    Congratualations! that's really awesome! I've always wanted to travel to Europe and I'm sure I'll make my way over there pretty soon:)

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply