5 Highly Addictive Podcasts I’m Listening To

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In the past year, we’ve completed two pretty epic road trips: one from San Francisco to San Diego last fall, and the other from Miami to Key West back in early March. I knew my Spotify playlist was going to get old after a few hours, so I decided to dive into the world of podcasts.

Now that we have some extra time at home, I’ve been listening to podcasts more than ever to help pass the time. They’re great to listen to when you’re working or doing chores! If you need some new recommendations, here are some of the most addictive podcasts to listen to.

Most Addictive Podcasts

Bad on Paper

I was never really a podcast person, but I have really enjoyed following Grace from The Stripe for years now. After hearing her speak at TBScon back in 2018, I became a reader for life. She’s relatable, knowledgeable, and honest!

I decided to turn on her podcast during a long commute, and I was hooked (it’s even Tom approved!) They cover a lot of topics that the millennial everygirl will relate to, from pop culture to fashion, dating, books, and even politics. Subscribe here.

Be There in Five

During our road trip in California last fall, we decided to listen to Be There In Five’s ‘Deep Dive: Mormon Mommy Blogger’ episodes, and we were hooked. It’s a long listen (3 episodes at 2 hours each), but it was incredible.

Kate Kennedy covers all things pop culture — from Taylor Swift to sorority life, and all things in between. Plus, she’s interviewed an impressive amount of reality T.V. sensations, and some of my favorite influencers in the industry (I love the Jenn Lake interview — one of the hardest working women in the industry!) Listen to the podcast here.


Serial is the first podcast I ever listened to. Remember when everyone was buzzing about It back when it launched in 2014? I had an hour commute to work back then, and I would listen to it on my way into the office.

If you’re a fan of true crime, this is a great place to start with podcasts. Serial immediately draws you in from Episode One and does a fantastic job of telling all sides of the story. Listen to the podcast here.

Therapy for Black Girls

Mental health is still a bit taboo to talk about in the black community. I’ve tried to share my issues with anxiety and depression with some of my older family members, and most of the time, those issues are dismissed. In our culture, it’s hard to grasp the concept of mental health disorders, and that can lead to some devastating effects.

Here’s where Therapy for Black girls comes in: Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist, based in Atlanta, Georgia, covers all things mental health and personal development in her weekly podcast. It’s refreshing to hear about mental health from another black woman: it’s incredibly relatable for me, and it really does help me become the best version of myself. Listen to the podcast here.

P.S. — you don’t have to be a black female to listen to some of these episodes. This episode about Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus can apply to everyone right about now!

The Food Heaven Podcast

Feeling intimidated by the health and wellness world? You don’t have to be!

BFF’s and registered dietitian nutritionists, Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, share tips and tricks on how to lead healthier lives in The Food Heaven Podcast. What I love about this podcast is that they talk about both physical health and body health: they’ve debunked food myths, covered body acceptance topics, and their most recent podcast dives into some meditation practices.

After listening to this podcast, you’ll feel motivated, confident, and ready to take on the world. Listen to the podcast here.

(Bonus) Tom’s Pick — Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth is a boyfriend-approved podcast that you and your man can both enjoy during a long car ride. This is Tom’s go-to podcast: they have a pretty heavy emphasis on gaming, but they also have comedic commentary on pop culture and dating as well (which I can relate to!) You can watch the podcast on YouTube, or browse the episodes here.

What do you think are the most addictive podcasts to listen to?

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