My Travel Bucket List for 2019

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Over the last few years, I’ve become a firm believer of speaking things into existence. And one thing that I always like to speak into existence is my travel plans.

Hear me out: two years ago, I casually mentioned that I wanted to go to New Orleans in 2017 on the blog. I ended up going twice that year. Last year, I was talking with my boyfriend about how much I wanted to visit Boston for the first time, and a week later I landed a partnership with Amtrak, and they sent me there! Long story short: if you want to travel somewhere, say those goals out loud. You never know who is listening!

Last year, I made it to every destination on my list, with the exception of Memphis (I was in talks, but unfortunately that trip fell through!) Here are the cities that are on my travel bucket list for 2019:

My Travel Bucket List for 2019:

Mendoza, Argentina

Okay, I’m cheating, because we already have a flight booked for Mendoza at the end of February (I’ll be spending my birthday here!) Malbec is one of my favorite varietals, so when Tom asked if I wanted to go wine tasting in Argentina for my birthday, it was a no-brainer. We’re trying to figure out a day trip from Mendoza since we’ll be in town for a full week, so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Louisville/Lexington, Kentucky

Now that I’m based in Charlottesville, Kentucky isn’t that bad of a drive for us. Tom and I are both big fans of bourbon, and we’re dying to visit Kentucky and soak up everything that the Bourbon Trail has to offer! I’ve never been to Kentucky before, but after following folks like Josh and Shelby for the last few years, I’m convinced that I need to visit either in the spring or fall.

Puglia, Italy

Tom and I have been researching Puglia for nearly a year now, and it’s one destination that we’re dying to visit. Puglia is super underrated and in our opinion the next hot spot for tourists — hence why we want to explore it before it blows up! 

Puglia is a quiet region in Southern Italy with charming beach towns, olive groves and vineyards, and incredible cuisine. We might need to brush up on our Italian, as many of the locals do not speak English — so we might save this trip for the end of the year to give us time to practice! 


After visiting Boston not once, but twice last year, I’ve been dying to explore more of New England. My family never vacationed north of New York City, so it’s a whole region of the U.S. that I’d love to get the chance to explore! I’d like to visit Portland and Kennebunkport over the summer and indulge in the local cuisine, stop by one of the local beaches, and maybe stay at a cute bed and breakfast!

The West/Southwest

As an East Coast gal, the landscape of the West always fascinates me. I remember visiting Phoenix a couple of years ago and being the biggest tourist and taking photos of everything: this Virginia gal had never seen cacti that big! 

In general, Tom and I would both love to take a trip out to either Sante Fe, Jackson Hole or Utah to get our fix of the Wild Wild West. We’re attending a wedding out in San Diego in September, so maybe we’ll fly out to one of these destinations after the wedding, or perhaps we’ll get the opportunity to visit at a later date.  Who knows!

What destinations are on your travel bucket list for 2019?

Photo by Tom McGovern

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