10 Things I Always Pack for NYFW

Calpak Rose Gold Metallic Luggage, Vera Bradley Straw Beach Tote - 10 Things I Always Pack for NYFW featured by popular Virginia fashion blogger Alicia Tenise

Can you believe it’s already September? Summer really flew by — and I’m in a bit of shock!

New York Fashion Week is right around the corner, and this will be my 8th season attending. Crazy, right? I attended three seasons as industry, and this will be my 5th season attending as a blogger. I might not always know what I want to wear to NYFW, but I sure do know what to pack to get me through the week in one piece!
10 Things I Always Pack for NYFW featured by popular Virginia fashion blogger Alicia Tenise

10 Things I Always Pack for NYFW:

Portable Phone Charger

Oh, you’re going to be running around for 8 hours straight? You’re going to need a portable phone charger, my friends — don’t leave your hotel without it! I’ve used this rose gold charger for years, and it’s super stylish, yet functional: it can hold about 2.5 full charges, and has two USB ports if you also need to charge your camera battery at the same time.

White Sneakers

I can’t wear heels every single day of NYFW, but luckily, sneakers and dresses are in. I like bringing my favorite white sneakers of the moment to Fashion Week and pairing them with my flirty, feminine dresses. 

An Umbrella

It’s rained nearly every fashion week I’ve been to, so an umbrella is a solid bet. If you’re already en route to NYC, you can snag this chic, clear dome umbrella via Amazon Prime.

Snacks on Snacks

Listen: I am the queen of getting hangry. It can be difficult at times to eat a proper meal in between shows and events, so I like to pack several snacks with me to get through the day. If any of you are Costco members, you can get the Kirkland bars (than taste just like the KIND bars) at an incredible price! 

Blotting Pads

It doesn’t matter if it’s February or September: you’re going to be running around like a mad person during NYFW, and the sweat is inevitable. I always keep blotting pads in my purse at all times so that I can look my absolute best at meetings, shows and events (oh and trust me — some shows/parties have NO AC, so you’ll thank me for this one!)

A Face Mask

True life: I usually don’t wear makeup every single day, especially since I work from home. NYFW can be rough on your skin, so I always like to pack a face mask to give my skin a much-needed detox. One mask that I love at the moment is the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. You only need to leave it on the 3 minutes, and it packs a serious punch.

A Small(er) Camera

I’ve brought my DSLR to plenty of shows without issue, however, sometimes I want to travel light — especially for any of the parties that start after 6 pm, the last thing you want to do is lug around a huge camera. I love using LensRentals.com to rent smaller cameras and different lenses whenever I travel. This year, I’m renting the Fuji X100F to get me through the week — it’s a mirrorless, compact camera that packs a serious punch.

A Casual Outfit

Every September NYFW, I always take a day to watch college football and drink beer with my friends. Trust me: you’re going to want a break from the shenanigans! I always make sure to pack jeans, a t-shirt, and flats for those times when I need to escape the madness.

Statement Bags

No need to buy a whole bunch of brand new outfits: your accessories can do the talking. Every NYFW, I like to bring a statement bag that will turn heads, even if the rest of my outfit is relatively simple. I loved this pizza bag I loaned out from a showroom a few seasons ago!

Extra Suitcase Room

Okay, okay — I know this isn’t a tangible item. However, I always like to make sure to leave a little extra space in my suitcase for the swag that I’ll inevitably pick up. Technically, I know live far enough to justify a flight to NYC, however, I’m still opting for the 6-hour train ride over the 2-hour flight since Amtrak is a lot more lax on bag/weight restrictions (seriously — I came home with SIX bags one time. Whew! That won’t ever happen again, but be prepared!)

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Photos by Tom McGovern

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