5 Types of Jackets Every Girl Needs

DISCLAIMER: I live in the Mid-Atlantic. We have unpredictable weather here, but we certainly see all four seasons. Fall might last for a week or a month here, but we certainly see all four seasons. This post isn’t gonna apply to everyone in the country. I’m also writing this post in 3 degree weather, which, props to you Canadian/Midwest/super Northeast people, cause my body is not equipped for this. 
A girl’s gotta be prepared for the elements, no matter how mild or frigid they might be. Whether you’re going to work, headed out on the town or just running errands, a great jacket will make you look fierce even with a simple t-shirt and jeans underneath. I’m all about a great jacket. Don’t cover up a cute ensemble with tragic outerwear. Ditch your played out fleece jacket and step up your outerwear game with these five types of outerwear. 

1. The Casual, Lightweight Jacket

This is your laid-back, “I just came here to run a few errands” jacket. You put this jacket on with just a t-shirt and jeans and boom — you instantly look put together. Every girl needs a that worry-free, casual jacket. I’m a big fan of my J.Crew field jacket, but I’ve included a ton of options for those ladies who are a bit edgier.

2. The Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of my favorite layers pieces. A classic denim jacket will never go out of style, but you can always play with different silhouettes to update the trend (i.e. I opted for a motocycle style denim jacket.) I love to layer a denim jacket over skirts and dresses  to tone a look down, or pair it with leggings, a tee and some flats for a laid-back yet put together ensemble. If you’re bold enough, you can even attempt the denim-on-denim look!

3. The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is your sexy jacket. Wear it on date night. Wear it while running errands. Wear it to work. This jacket can be dressed up or dressed down and is perfect for many occasions.The great thing about a leather jacket is that it is a bit heavier than your denim jacket, so size up a little when you’re purchasing one just in case you need to layer a sweater or a sweatshirt underneath. A classic black leather jacket will always be in style, or you can go for a jacket with a little more flair like I did, and choose a metallic or colored leather jacket.

4. The Statement Jacket

Okay, now we’re starting to get a little colder here. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re probably a fabulous gal about town with some fabulous events to attend. Your everyday jacket just won’t do. You’re gonna need a jacket with a bit more flair to compliment your blinged-out, cold-weather fierce ensemble. Have fun with different textures and patterns and get yourself a statement coat. Knock your friends/family/date out with your fierce-ness.

5. The Winter Coat

This is probably the most obvious type of coat that you need, but go ahead and get yourself a nice, warm winter coat. Keyword: WARM. I always go for a coat that covers my, ahem, derriere. There’s nothing worse than having to sit on a cold, outdoor bench, waiting for the D.C. Metro (which you can count on being delayed) with a coat that doesn’t cover your booty. This J.Crew coat might not look super warm, however, it has thinsulate in it and it is A LIFESAVER. Seriously. I was wearing this coat in 3 degree weather today. I was fine. Thinsulate, folks. It costs a little extra, but it is completely worth it. 

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