Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Must-Have: Leather Jackets Under $100

Guys, I love fall fashion, but it is so expensive to shop for. Boots, jackets, sweaters -- they're all a lot more expensive than the breezy sundresses and sandals of summer. That's why I wanted to round up my favorite (faux) leather jackets of the season that are under $100. I'm really drawn to this American Eagle jacket in particular. AEO has majorly stepped up their fashion game these last few seasons, haven't they? It's always kind of amazing to find great pieces at a store you shopped at 10 years ago, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back to Black

PHOTOS BY: lisa chiu

First things first: let's all welcome back the black hair. The honey highlights were fun and all, but it's ~*fall*~ so you know I gotta switch things up a bit. I'm still getting used to how dark this hair is! 

Anyway, can I honestly say that I wasn't loving the Altuzarra for Target collection as much as I thought I would? I still ordered this sweatshirt because I'm trying to step up my casual attire game. I ordered a few more pieces, but I wasn't quite feeling them and ended up returning them. Maybe this is my fault for ordering online and being too lazy to shop the collection in store. I'm the worst online shopper ever and I'm the type of girl who needs to see things in person and try them on. Anyway, the sweatshirt is amazing cause it's half silky material, half cotton, all fabulous. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Must-Have: ASOS Wiggle Dress

So, I just landed a new job. Yay! Unlike my last job, this one has a more business formal dress code. Something that I am not used to at all! Since I still refuse to buy a pant suit, I'm on the hunt for fun midi dresses, blouses and tailored slacks. Even though this ASOS Midi Dress is in an animal print, the colors are still subtle enough for the office. This piece would also transition to happy hour or date night with ease. Also, I love that the print is so bold, that you don't need to pair this dress with that many accessories. The more work pieces you can throw on and go, the better!

What's on your wear-to-work wishlist? 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


PHOTOS BY: lisa chiu

Oh goodness, I've been running around like crazy for a really fun project I can't wait to tell you about! Sorry I've been a tad quiet on the blog this week, but I have a few exciting things coming up! Stay tuned, everyone :)

Also, isn't it weird to look back at your style just a year ago and see how much you've changed? I used to only wear statement necklaces, but I've learned to love dainty necklaces in 2014. Case in point, this charming little initial necklace from Adorn512. This has been layered with everything lately! Cannot get enough of it.

And lastly, I need to wear lipstick more because it makes me look like a real adult. Yay!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Must-Have: The Grown-Up Sweatshirt

Does anyone else set style goals for themselves? I try to do so at the start of each season, and for fall, I'm trying to step up my casual attire game. I feel like I buy either great pieces for work or great going out ensembles, and forget to buy pieces for cozy, fall days.

One piece I love this season is the "grown up" sweatshirt. Just pair these with some destroyed denim and slip ons and you still look put together yet comfortable. I did order this Altuzarra for Target Orchid Print Sweatshirt and I may or may not be tracking the package every hour (the worst part about online shopping is that I'm super impatient).

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